If you’ve been around network marketing at all, you’ve heard that you have to have a why in place.

Your why is crucial for several reasons.

Network marketing has its challenges. Oftentimes, we let those challenges cause us to stop what we’re doing or about to do in order to get results.

In order to save ourselves from the pain of dealing with our fears when it comes to these challenges, we go about looking busy doing everything but the thing we need to do in order to become successful in network marketing or any other goal that we have.

The trick is to find out which actions our wasting our time and which aren’t and then finding the courage to replace the time wasters with the actions that will lead to the ending that we want.

The end, in network marketing is to have a real, substantial job replacing income that keeps rising every month.

There will be times when you want to quit. This happens with anything that is dramatically life changing.

The why helps you get through the hurdles. See past them and thus helping you over them.